Spectrum uses Adobe’s brand font, Adobe Clean.

Downloading Spectrum font families#

To use the Adobe Clean font families, you’ll need to download them through the Adobe Developer Console using your Adobe ID. You’ll be asked to accept the Adobe Developer Terms of Use before using these.

Adobe Clean#

Adobe Clean is Spectrum’s primary typeface. It's used for Latin-based languages as well as Greek and Cyrillic scripts.

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Adobe Clean Serif#

Adobe Clean Serif is a companion font family to Adobe Clean. It covers most Latin-based languages as well as Cyrillic alphabets and Greek.

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Adobe Clean Han#

Adobe Clean Han is a companion font family to Adobe Clean. It is used for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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Source Code Pro#

Source Code Pro is used to display code snippets, either inline with another typeface or as a standalone block.

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Using restricted Adobe fonts#

Adobe Clean, Adobe Clean Serif, and Adobe Clean Han are restricted fonts for the exclusive use of Adobe products and software.